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Oxford SACC Early Learning and School Age Child Care

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Since 1997

Early Childhood Program

Children Ages 6 weeks - 5 years

School Age Program

Before & After School, School Vacation and Summer Camp  for Children in Pre-Kindergarten - 6th grade

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Our Approach

Early Childhood Classrooms

Our approach is based upon the philosophy that children learn by doing through exploration, play, and active participation with their environment. All areas of early learning are supported through a balance of teacher and child directed activities. These activities are adjusted to the developmental level of each child, enhancing his/her:

* Social & emotional

* Intellectual development

* Communication

* Self-help & independence 


These are accomplished through coordination and climbing, to self-feeding, toileting and simple dressing tasks.

Age-appropriate activities and materials that develop confidence, self-esteem, and a love of learning are planned and implemented to meet each child’s needs.

Along with families, early care providers play a vital role in a child's early years. Our teachers collaborate with families continuously to ensure we meet the needs of each family.  We provide regular teacher-family communication, including daily reports,  classroom newsletters and daily contact with teachers.

Our highly trained, well experienced teachers are dedicated to creating nurturing relationships with all families to promote optimal development of young children.


School Age Classrooms

Our approach for youth development is to provide a balance to the academic emphasis of the regular school day. Students are provided with a positive and safe environment in which to enjoy a variety of experiences. Staff provide opportunities for students to enhance their social development, recreation skills, problem solving abilities, and increase their sense of independence.

The program provides enrichment activities to help build self-esteem, positive behavior, and socialization skills. Activities also include conflict resolution, character education, decision-making skills and service learning projects.

What Parents Think

"By far the best place to bring your little one! They do everything from school stuff to fun activities at every age!"

Damien's Mom

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