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Our Programs

Diverse Learning Environments

Children learn best by having a variety of choices in a safe, organized, nurturing environment.

Each of our classrooms are designed for exploration, education and independence. 

infant room.jpg


Flexible daily routines follow the schedule of each child. Educators create a partnership with families to plan goals and establish routines. 



Structured, yet flexible daily routines and transitions are established providing consistency which helps toddlers feel safe, confident, and in control of their world.

junior prechool.jpg
junior prechool.jpg

Junior Preschool

As children reach this stage, they experience rapid increases in physical, cognitive, developmental and social skills. Their classroom is designed to challenge those skills and to encourage self-help skills. 


The preschool program offers a safe, supportive environment that encourages creativity, independence and positive self-esteem. 

Preschool 2.jpg


Children  are encouraged to explore learning centers throughout the classroom, engage in activities that interest them, and build their social skills with other children in their class and learn how to participate in a group.  Math, literacy, and communication skills are practiced every day. Our teachers assess each child’s development throughout the year, to help each child reach their fullest potential.

School Age

The program provides enrichment activities to help build self-esteem, positive behavior, and socialization skills. Activities also include crafts, plenty of outdoor time, small and large group games, field trips and community service projects.

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